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Ten years after …

Ten years on from the invasion of Iraq, I feel  I owe it to some people – like those who marched against it, a lot of badly hurt Iraqis and my grand-daughter, who will grow up in the world we … Continue reading

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Filofacts on cement etc.

A Filofacts on ….. CEMENT/ETC – 1 See also LIME  but most CEMENT today is Portland cement – soft stone ground up and dried out. It’s mainly grey but you can buy white if you pay more. Mix it with … Continue reading

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In praise of Clix and Nix

One of the few women on the early Sun Studio roster, Barbara Pittman, once recalled that the term rockabilly was originally a kind of putdown, suggesting there was something hick about it.  But: “Over the years it has picked up … Continue reading

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scarves, scent and come dine with me

Somewhere in the files is the record of a retired Yorkshire miner, celebrating his 100th birthday, being asked to name the most startling change in his lifetime. One of the wars? The rise of the motor car or the supermarket? … Continue reading

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