ten shilling bait

For an introduction to Ten Shilling Fishing, see http://tinyurl.com/pum4ed4/

The Ten Shilling Fisherman needs a bait costing pennies which will come out of the  freezer every now and then and go back in for the next time.

I’m filing one of the recipes s recommended by the good fishing writer Alan Yates at http://blog.fishtec.co.uk/

He says:

“The first paste I ever used was made by kneading stale bread with a little water until the required consistency was found.

“Cheese paste has a better consistency than bread and is attractive to most of fish. I’ve had trout and eels and a mate had a pike on the stuff!

“Take a packet ofpastry. Cut the block in half and freeze what you aren’t going to use today. Place the half you are using onto a work surface and roll it out to about 3 or 4 mm thickness.

“Take an equal weight of mature cheddar and grate it and spread it over the pastry.

“Add to this a couple of ounces of grated blue cheese or flavouring.

“Fold and refold the pastry around the cheese to make a parcel then get to work kneading and mixing the whole lot into a smooth, even paste. Do not do it in a food mixer as it adds way too much air to the mix, I once did and stood agog as my cheese paste floated off into the distance.

 “You can use what you need and freeze the remainder after a session. Cheese paste can be refrozen loads of times.

“Using pastry rather than bread as a base mix will stop the paste from hardening in cold water.

“You may feel that the bright white/pale yellow bait is too obvious,  so how about adding a few drops of liquid or a sprinkle of powdered colouring? You choose – but don’t ignore green.

“To enhance the flavour well, add Marmite, fish paste, spices like chilli or garlic.”

* More recipes at http://tinyurl.com/o34ex2y/


However, Yates adds the warning: “This stuff is soft and will fly off the hook if cast clumsily. You can put it straight onto your hook but there is little for the paste to purchase against. You need something on the hook to wrap your paste around. You can buy little rubber beads that sit just off the hook which really do work well or you can simply hair rig a bead to your hook and make your own. As often as not, I’ll simply hair rig a pellet or small boilie and wrap the paste around that. This way you know that whatever happens to the paste, you always have an attractive bait on your hook.”

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