radio minidisk 1


For a short while, minidisk looked like the future of home recording – all the advantage of tape, but much more easily editable. I still like it, especially for editing down vinyl. Then I can simply play the minidisk into my Brennan and make an MP3 of it.

I’m trying the idea out by filing all my old minidisk compilations that way, with an eye on the YouTube channel  I’ll be working on when I get the younger end of the family organised to do the complicated bits.

Try Radio Minidisk here …

Track notes:

1) Just Wanna Make Love To You – by the late great Etta James.

2) I’m On Fire – Johnny Cash, trembling but still mighty, brought out the darkness in a Springsteen classic.

3) Atlantic City – by Hank Williams 3, uncannily like Hank 1.

4) Ya Ya – Lee Dorsey.

5) Big Chief – Dr John.

6) Fool In Love – Randy Newman.

7) Drunkard’s Blues – a Top Track of All Time by Hank Thompson.

8) Hickory Wind – by Gillian Welch. If you love country, sometimes you gotta let  your heart be squeezed.

9) Train Fever  (?) – Sugababes, anyway.

10) When You Give It Away –meaningful Miami boogie by Bruce Cockburn, who made one terrible album during a flirtation with stadium rock but has often been very good, before and since.

11) Ramona – Texas Tornadoes, with Flaco Jimenez making you wish you could play accordion: listen for the call to “Squeeze it, Flacito”.

12) Steady Roller – by John Herald on the best label I know, Bloodshot, based in Chicago.

13) Gone Home – also John Herald, according to my notes, although I would have guessed at one of the bluegrass brother acts.  Either way, another Top Track of All Time.

14) What You Got Against Your Home Town, Honey?  by Chris Mills, another Bloodshot brother.

15) Bad Thing – great funky r’n’b from Joe Louis Walker.

16) The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter (Than You Could Ever Really Be) – great country song, written by Amy Allison, daughter of Mose, and sung by Laura Cantrell, performer and DJ, who has been involved in a lot of interesting stuff, including a tribute to Kitty Wells I’ve been meaning to catch up with.

17) Way It Is – Laura Cantrell again, this time with one of her own, I think.

18) Fast Plane – Cigar Store Indians. Nobody rocks like a southern band.

19) Crackers Rule – Kelly Hogan, with the Bloodshot house band, The Pine Valley Cosmonauts. Beautiful song, beautifully sung. Listen for the line: “I could sit with you, inside this bar, until my eyes turned white.”

20) Papa Was A Rodeo – Another great track from Kelly Hogan.


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