A Filofacts on … Tins (of tomatoes)

More on Best Tins to come later, from my archives, but I am inspired to start this Filofacts series by Xanthe Clay’s Savvy Shopper column in Teleg. 17.8.13 …
She was inspired to compare tinned tomatoes by Jack Monroe, who blogs on living cheap at http://www.agirlcalledjack.com/
Report says: “With prices ranging from 31p for economy tomatoes to £1.39 and above for 400g of premium tomatoes, the potential saving is enormous.
“All the economy brands reckoned that they were 60pc tomato (the rest being juice and a tiny bit of citric acid) apart from Waitrose at 65pc – comparable to premium tinned tomatoes, but then at that price so they should be.
“Sugar levels were as high as 15.2g per tin for Sainsbury’s plum tomatoes; ,more than 50pc higher than 10g for both Asda plum and chopped tomatoes. Protein content per can ran from 2.4g for Morrisons to 4.8g for both Asda and Waitrose.
“I rounded up both chopped and plum tomatoes from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Lidl and Waitrose, throwing in a couple of the high-end tins as benchmark.”
Best for taste and value were Lidl plum tomatoes at 31p. Waitrose Essential plum tomatoes were equal on the taste test but more expensive at 55p. None of the chopped toms scored well on taste.

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