Some musical notes

Musical notes
Half-awake, a line caught my ear in Something Understood, Radio 4, Sunday 8.9.13, where John McCarthy was discussing the universal language of numbers. He asked (I think) Frank Close, Professor of Physics at Oxford, which music was the most obviously mathematical and was told Bach, leading to the line (to be checked): “They say that in Heaven, Bach is played on all official occasions, although off-duty the angels prefer Mozart.”

* Cut to follow up on – Neil McCormick’s write-up, Teleg 7.9.13, for The Strypes, Irish teen band: “They look like pint-size versions of the early Rolling Stones and they play old-school rhythm and blues with the tightness, aggression and swagger of a younger, prettier Dr Feelgood. ~Their debut album,. Snapshot, is an absolute blast.”
The Strypes got a mention in this blog’s review of Glastonbury:

Also enjoyed, in this Sunday’s Telegraph, Jenny McCartney on Miley Cyrus and “twerking” …
“Beyoncé did it, of course, a decade ago … when it was known as booty-shaking. She has a regal style of twerking that involves a clear steady gaze with a hint of hauteur, as though her bottom is doing something independently of her consciousness. Miss Cyrus got it all wrong by wearing a giant foam finger and making lascivious faces, the equivalent of wearing a miniskirt and low-cut top at the same time. If you really must twerk, do it like lady.”
BTW Wikipedia: “The word is of uncertain origin. Possibilities include a portmanteau of twist and jerk.”
OED: “Probably an alteration of work” (as in Work It Girl).

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