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MEANING OF LIFF ETCETERA I see somebody is planning follow-up to The Meaning Of Liff, the Douglas Adams riff on using place names as words for things which didn’t have words for them before, as in – “Beccles: The small … Continue reading

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For years I have wanted to put together a list of the best of Nancy Banks-Smith, who has been making me laugh since she started writing on telly for the old Sun, in 1965. She moved to the Guardian in … Continue reading

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10.9.13 Making Sense Of Syria As a retired hack at the everyday end of the business, I read with great admiration an illuminating and well-written report from behind rebel lines by Martin Chulov in the Guardian 9.9.13: Wish I’d … Continue reading

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TRAINS – the original online guide to railways of Europe and beyond, by mark smith some of the rest is old and needs checking … for railway maps: or buy a Thomas Cook map via Amazon … Continue reading

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What Harlan Thinks Of Justified

For my recommendation for the tv series Justified, see Elmore’s last great legacy at Seems to me there is a feature to be written about how Harlan County, Kentucky, feels about the way it comes over. For a starting … Continue reading

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Enjoyed another of John Rentoul’s analyses of the art of hackery, Sunday Inde, 1.9.13. He explained: “I collect headlines in the form of questions to which the author or publisher implies that the answer is Yes when anyone with any … Continue reading

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Some musical notes

** Musical notes Half-awake, a line caught my ear in Something Understood, Radio 4, Sunday 8.9.13, where John McCarthy was discussing the universal language of numbers. He asked (I think) Frank Close, Professor of Physics at Oxford, which music was … Continue reading

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A Filofacts on … Motoring

Honest John, Sunday Telegraph motoring guru, 8.9.13, on preparing to leave a car unused: “Overpressure the tyres to 40psi, to help prevent flat spots, and hook the battery to a conditioning trickle charger. More here: ” Time to start … Continue reading

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A Filofacts on …. Cider

To be finished later … Time For Cider I’ve got a good cider recipe somewhere, to which I will be adding the following tips gleaned from Xanthe Clay’s interview with cider makers William Sitwell and Jasper Galloway in Teleg. Weekend … Continue reading

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What We Need From Labour Is Work Not Words

The first zero-hours contract I came across involved my niece getting ripped off by some spiv running an NHS contract to provide home care, so I am not callously uninterested in the problem , but reading about Ed Miliband’s plans … Continue reading

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