This is nice, in Inde on Sunday mag, 23.6.13, by John Rentoul, adding to his Banned list these nominatiions for “most obvious image with which to illustrate an abstract subject” …
1. Wedding cake decorations for reports and features about gay marriage
2. Poignant empty swings for stories suggesting that the authorities have failed children – nominated by Callum May.
3. Stretch of police incident tape for any article about crime – Ben Knights
4. The flames from gas-cooker rings for rising energy prices – Terry Stiastny
5. Faceless greebo lights a gigantic bifta, all but hands and lips obscured, for any story about drugs – Ed Pemberton
6. The statue on the Old Bailey roof for anything to do with the law or justice – Chris Bartlett
7. Pictures of people from the neck down for stories about obesity.
8. A woman with her head in her hands for all mental-health stories – Becca Reilly-Cooper
9. Precarious stack of coins for personal finance stories – Tom Powdrill
10. Aerial montage of suburbia for TV reports on property markets. Used, obviously, because we don’t know what houses look like – “Bubblejet”

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