Daresay this got plenty of shows in the press but I liked the list of “First World Problems” gathered by the pollsters at London-based

Selection from Top 50 as listed by Mirror:

  • My personal trainer took the week off so I have to work out alone
  • My Brie is too hard
  • The cleaner taking a day off
  • Watch / jewellery causing unsightly tan lines
  • A disappointing air freshener
  • Two Weetabix not fitting in a round bowl properly, resulting in one soggy and the other dry
  • Having to watch movies on a phone because the tablet battery died
  • Car won’t play MP3s
  • Supermarket checkout staff scanning faster than you can pack
  • The shop not stocking a coke bottle with your name on
  • Living somewhere too posh for a cheap corner shop
  • Having the last edition of the iPhone


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