Somewhere on this site are some notes on how to identify political party supporters by their shirts and ties, etcetera.  Picked up the quotes below thinking they might give me, or you, a new angle on the same idea.

In the Guardian of 21.12.13, Patrick Wintour surveyed Labour’s chances of winning the next election and quoted Deborah Mattinson, who runs a polling business called Britain Thinks.  He reported ….

“Mattinson asked focus groups to conjure an image of Labour at a party and how it would behave …

‘He is quiet. He is on his own in the corner, and is likely to be a good listener. He wears a grey suit and brown tie. It looks cheap, but actually is expensive. He is a vegetarian, turning down most of the food on offer, but might eat one peanut for subsistence. He just flicks through the CDs, but does not choose one to play, although he likes The Very Best of the Pogues.’”

In short, said Wintour, “he is a pretty ineffectual guy. The focus groups equally disliked the loud-mouthed Conservative partygoer, especially his taste for tapas, olives and champagne, but respected his toughness.”

There is a little more on the Britain Thinks findings in a Prospect magazine article at



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