what the smoke signals say


Politicians are naturally tempted to ban smoking in cars with kids.  But that is partly because on issues like smoking,  most of them have no idea what they do to the depths of the electorate.  To the political class, it’s simple.  It’s obvious none of us should do it so we might as well agree to make it against the law.

But some of us object because it’s too easy and MPs have no business awarding themselves easy-peasy merit points in view of their track record on the difficult stuff.

Some of us point out that anyone who still smokes over the babies when you’re looking is smoking over them when you’re not looking anyway.

And these objections are under discussion in the smoke shed of your local hostelry, where the wish for further progress on eliminating this terrible vice has to contend with suspicion that yet another liberty is being taken, un-necessarily.

In the mainstream parties, there is a consensus that the job of banning smoking in pubs is done and has been copied all over the world, with amazing success, and it is time to move on.  But in working class pubs, at least, there is still a feeling that Blairism went too far on that one and there is an interest in UKIP’s position on the subject.

Might it be as significant as Europe at the next election?



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