I liked the Guardian Mag’s answer to the question: What would happen to the earth if everyone on it jumped in the air at once?”
Find it at
And more in the series, Ask A Grown-Up at

Experience: My bungee cord snapped …
And more in the series at

When properly operating again, must get round to pulling an extract from Dea Birkett, recalling her experience of running away and joining the circus in Sun Tel 16.4.2014.
Also, Teleg 15.3.14, and elsewhere, no doubt: “An Australian dog owner was left distraught after discovering her chihuahua-maltese cross had been eaten in its kennel by a python.”
Also good source material, if you can track it down, a summary in The Week 15.3.14 of good bits from all the essays on Vikings which came with the opening of the new exhibition in London. Title was Who Were The Real Vikings and it included good stuff on Viking executions and so on.
Jasper Copping in Telegraph 7.3.14 reported the release for broadcast, on BBC2, of interviews with WW1 veterans which were recorded in the 1960s but considered too subversive to broadcast at the time. All now available via the BBC2 website.

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