To be updated here, but Chris Hastings in Sun. Tel. Oct. 11/12 2008 said …
In recent months there has been a huge increase in demand for websites such as Barterswap UK, ValueforPeople.co.uk or Tradeyourskills.co.uk which act as online marketplaces for those who want to swap their wares
The Time bank website, which encourages people to give their services and expertise for free in return for credits which allow them to call on the services of fellow members, has seen swapping schemes sprouting up across the country in the past two months.
Smaller barter websites are also reporting a significant boost to their businesses.
Judy Berger, who set up the Whatsmineisyours fashion website four years ago to cater for customers who were interested in trading and swapping clothes has noticed a huge increase in the number of swaps.
It is a similarly story for Readitswapit UK which was established in 2004 as a hobby site by Andrew Bathgate and Neil Fergusson.
The site is now swapping 7,000 to 10,000 books a week…
Also mentioned …
http://www.swapz.co.uk – for all sorts
http://www.swapcycle.co.uk – for all sorts
http://www.recycle.co.uk – for all sorts
http://www.u-exchange.com/barter-uk – for skill swaps
http://www.timebanking.org – for skill swaps
http://www.ukbartercard.com – business-to-business bartering
http://www.voxswap.com – language teaching swaps
http://www.downsizer.net – for crop swapping and more
http://www.ukhomeswap.co.uk – mainly for social housing swaps

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