Mark Manning, formerly Zodiac Mindwarp, founder and lead performer of self-spoofing 1980s metal band Love Reaction, has given some entertaining interviews about how he slid downhill to rock bottom and then found a sort of salvation as an author of porn.

I have just rediscovered a report by Matthew Sweet, headlined An Animal Writes, in an Independent supplement in June 2000. You can get at it through an online library at http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-5077497.html/ although you need to sign up for a free trial membership.

I thought it was the source of my favourite Mindwarp quote:

“I never had any difficulty opening the doors of perception. It was getting the buggers closed again which was the trouble.”

But either I read it elsewhere or I have lost a bit of this cutting. It does, however, include Manning on …

Being a stadium god: “Sixty thousand people all wanting to suck you off.”

Marriage and kids: “I’ve tried three times to get a life together and I can’t cut it. If I knew why it always goes wrong it wouldn’t go wrong.”

The rock and roll life: “If you take heroin every day and drink until you throw up blood, you know that you’re soon going to shuffle off this mortal coil.”

Get a taste of the band’s style at:


You might also want to track down the autobiographical memoir Fucked By Rock: The Unspeakable Confessions of Zodiac Mindwarp.


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