In search of classic rockabilly from Lefty Nicks and his Southern Drifters, I am intrigued by Screaming Dead Radio …

In Guardian of 1.5.14, Dave Simpson was inclined to agree with a famous review of Spiderland, recorded by a then-teenage band called Slint in 1969, which called it “the album that re-invented rock”.

Doubt I’m going to agree but it’s an interesting proposition and you can check out lots of links to back it up at

In Observer 22.6.14, Kitty Empire wrote:

Thirty one years ago, a midwestern acoustic punk trio released their self-titled debut album. It has gone on to become a cult classic of teenage alienation …

Violent Femmes is still an undersung masterpiece. Anyone who discovers it acquires not only a complex fellow-traveller in singer-guitarist Gordon Gano (who tonight also plays banjo and violin), but a punk band acting as a gateway drug to gospel, country, jazz and experimental music …

If Brian Wilson was the bard of the suburban teenager of the west coast 60s, pastor’s son Gano can make some claim to being his maladjusted Milwaukeean 80s brother, sneering out his tales of lust and self-medication with an unerring ear for melody.

Also interested in Miranda Lambert – Nashville with a twist.

Starter point …




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  1. Sheep dog says:

    Thanks for mentioning Rockabilly Dayz in this posting

    howls to you
    Sheep Dog

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