to be filled out later, but some preliminary notes …

Victoria Moore, Guardian, laying down some general rules for buying cheapish wine said her colleague Matthew Jukes (D. Mail and blog) recommended Beaujolais and Loire wines for value from France “on the grounds that even the best producers will often cost less than an average wine from elsewhere”. Victoria agreed and added: “Never choose sancerre or pouilly fume unless you know the producer. It’s probably only there because uncertain drinkers will be drawn to it like moths to a light, and there are not enough good sancerre to go round. Instead choose a Touraine sauvignon or an unfashionable white Bordeaux. The same goes for Chablis. For lemon pith, a little weight and sherbet glitter, look for a gavi from Italy instead; for minerals and dry chalk, try a dry chenin blanc from the Loire.”
Also note Suzy Atkins, Telegraph, saying Spanish cava is better value than Italian prosecco.
Victoria Moore in Telegraph 15.2.14 says Casillero del Diablo, from Concha Y Toro of Chile, is “one of the best-value and most consistent” brands on the planet, especially its Cabernet red, and is now on a footing with New Zealand’s Brancott Estate and Spain’s Campo Viejo.

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