The Shed used to enjoy Punch magazine, partly for the writing but more for the cartoons. Where do all the cartoonists go nowadays? There is surely a vacancy for a magazine or newspaper, online or off, to become the new showcase for funnies.
Meanwhile, The Shed has been delighted to discover that Google has made it possible to track down many old favourites.
With thanks and apologies to the great Mike Williams, born in 1940 and still drawing as far as we know, The Shed proposes to run a major test of its blogging skills by attempting to reproduce one of our nominations for Great Cartoons Of All Time.
Pwllheli Vice …
Try another taster, Illfric The Ineffectual, at
And then, The Shed believes, you will want to find more Mike Williams, which you can do at …
His brother, Pete, was also a brilliant artist, whose work can be found, along with that of other Punch regulars, at
Until we started this quick research project, we had forgotten the name of Paul Crum, born Roger Pettiward, who was killed leading a commando troop in the allied attack on Dieppe in August 1942. However, we remembered at least one of his cartoons, featuring two hippos in a mud pool, and so do other cartoon fans of our era, so it must have been reprinted quite a lot …
The search is now on for more, including one, possibly by Mike Williams, which featured a tv reporter staring into a camera and saying …
“Just another small town; just another High Street; just another day. Except for this … I’m stark staring bonkers.”
Can anybody help?
When The Shed gets its online magazine going, we will want to be checking out the talent at …


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