Under Any Other Business: Pin-ups Etc.,  The Shed was pleased to be informed that good old Ursula Martinez has profited, to some extent, from the free viral circulation of an early clip of her burlesque act, in which she makes a handkerchief disappear at every stage of a full strip – widely recommended in shed land.

This winter,  2014, she is part of a cabaret, sounds like fun, going under the title La Soiree at a venue called the Spiegeltent in Jubilee Gardens, London, which seems to be part of the South Bank Centre.  See

She is now giving away Hanky Panky and other clips from her riotous act herself, at

We’d buy a DVD.

The blurb for the London show says:  “Hailing from Spain via Croydon, Ursula Martinez is a renowned writer, actress and cabaret performer. Her cult striptease act with its mischievous disappearing hanky is a jaw-dropping sensation. From high brow to low brow and from live art to loquacious party tricks, Martinez treads where few performers dare to go, with the audience right there along for the ride. Expect to emerge from her acts with a rudimentary knowledge of bawdy Spanish and a surprising awareness of anatomy.”

According to Wikipedia:  “Ursula Martinez also known as Ursula Lea (born 1966) is a London-based writer, performer, and cult cabaret diva noted for her use of nudity and non-actors.”

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