SHEDNOTES 29: A Filofacts on Jack Aubrey

An appreciation by Lucy Eyre, in Guardian 29.11.14, of the Patrick O’Brian books, starring hearty sailor Jack Aubrey and his oddball scientific friend Stephen Maturin, reminds The Shed that Christmas is coming – and also that The Shed’s own ideas for a companion guide remain just a dream, which has already been beaten to the punch in several directions.
Miss Eyre pegged her article on the republication of A Book of Voyages, a compilation of 17th and 18th century travellers’ reports, annotated and introduced by O Brian, and implicitly including some of his sources. She also mentions A Sea Of Words, by Dean King, which might be handy, although The Shed has done very well so far with an old Nuttall’s dictionary from the days when half the English vocabulary came in on the wind off the sea.
King has also been there and done it with Harbors and High Seas: An Atlas and Geographical Guide to the Complete Aubrey-Maturin Novels.
There is a book out called Lobscouse and Spotted Dog, on how to copy the menus in the captain’s cabin.
A useful list of other companion literature is part of an excellent site devoted to everything O’Brian …

And The Shed knows several someones who would probably like a CD of Musical Evenings With The Captain, featuring the kind of music Aubrey and Maturin would have jammed on when the wind dropped.
Lucy Eyre’s article is at
More later …

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