SHEDNOTES 33: A Filofacts on Garden Tools

The Shed wants a Filofacts on Gardening Tools, starting with Monty Don’s favourites, published Seven Mag of Teleg 21.4.13 …
I met a man from Central Africa who ran a five-acre smallholding and his only piece of kit was one mattock.
Japanese Tripod Ladder
These very lightweight, aluminium tripod ladders have a wide base and an extendable but lightweight pole so you can push them right into a hedge.
Austrian scythe
Austrian scythes have straight handles and are much, much lighter than the English scythe. Wonderful for weeding around banks, trees and edges.
Tobisho Secateurs
These Japanese secateurs are hand-forged deep in the mountains of Yamagata and the quality of the steel is very good indeed. There are a few different types but I prefer their bypass secateurs rather than the anvil type.
Bulldog Spade
I watched mine being made from the molten metal to the sanded handle at the Bulldog foundry in Wigan and I’ve had it for 23 years.


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