SHEDNOTES 39: Lists and playlists …

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SHEDNOTES 39: Lists and playlists …

The Shed’s list of possible Christmas presents this year included the book Lists Of Note, by Shaun Usher, reviewed in the Observer of 20.10.14.

Shed’s favourite from the examples was, of course, Johnny Cash’s Things To Do Today, headed by ”Kiss June” and “Not Kiss Anyone Else”.

Benjamin Franklin’s Drinker’s Dictionary (from “addled” to “very weary”) also sounds worth having.

As it happens, The Shed has a couple of lists waiting to be filed and they might as well go in this post.


In a Western Morning News magazine,  summer 2014, Newquay DJ Andy Tugby, of SoundOne Disco, listed his top 10 of first dance tunes requested by newly-weds:

1) I Won’t Give Up, Jason Mraz

2) At Last, Etta James

3) A Thousand Years, Etta Perri

4) Iris, The Goo Goo Dolls

5) Make You Feel My Love, Adele

6) Everything, Michael Buble

7) Little Things, One Direction

8) Ho Hey, Lumineers

9) Better Together, Jack Johnson

10) Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol


The Shed likes the sound of one of Cerys Matthews’ playlists – songs to make you smile:

You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly, by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn

Did I Shave My Legs For This? by Deana Carter

Break Like The Wind, by Spinal Tap

I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones, recorded in 1935 by the Hoosier Hotshots.


When The Shed finally gets Spotify – but not before checking out the new YouTube option – it will need to remember that in Gdn 2.1.15, Laura Barton got us interested in her recommendations for New Blues, including …

Rag’n’Bone Man’s melding of hip-hope and blues – esp. a cover of House Of The Rising Sun – from Brighton

the rootsy blues-rock of Alabama Shakes

the twisted desert blues of DD Dumbo  Australian fan of Ali Farka Toure, Howling Wolf and Lightnin Hopkins

Benjamin Booker … cites the influence of Gun Club and T Rex as much as Blind Willie Johnson … beat unrelenting danceable

The Shed has its own recommendation to make in the general area of funked up blues – the Fat Possum collaborations of old bluesmen with new arrangers, some of which featured in the Sopranos soundtrack.


Best Cover Versions …

Fraser Nelson, Spectator editor, said Joe Cocker’s big hit was the only time a singer had improved a Beatles song.

Michael Henderson, Telegraph,  said Nelson was over-rating Cocker and anyway there were better contenders like Something by Shirley Bassey, From A Window by Billy J Kramer, It’s Only Love by Gary US Bonds and Tomorrow Never Knows by 801 Live, “a pick-up band led by Brian Eno”.

Meanwhile, Bernadette McNulty listed five top cover versions for Seven mag …

I Fought The Law by The Clash, originally by the Crickets post Buddy Holly; Only Love Can Break Your Heart, St Etienne, singing Neil Young;   One, by Johnny Cash, originally by U2; Respect by Aretha Franklin, covering an Otis Redding song; Tainted Love by Soft Cell, originally a “60s soul stomper originally performed by Gloria Jones”.

The Shed offers Rod Stewart covering Dylan on Only A Hobo and Folsom Prison Blues covered by a Scandinavian band called Urban Turban.  More later.


Thanks To John Baxter and the VACS

Finally, The Shed needs to record the following playlist, until the tunes are found again, for a good 1950s/60s rock and and roll compilation produced by the Vinyl Anoraks Circle of Manchester and the odd other place, including The Shed, until the circle went offline for a rethink.  Compiler was John Baxter of Wigan.  Not many people know this.

Wynonie Harris – Lovin Machine

Wilbert Harrison – Kansas City

Joe Turner – Flip, Flop & Fly

Ivory Joe Hunter – Shooty Booty

JoeTurner –Honey Hush

Hank Ballard – Work With Me Annie

Ray Charles – The Mess Around

Joe Turner – Country Girl

Charlie Feathers – One Hand Loose

Eddie Maresca – Shout Shout



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