The Shed’s Filofacts project will include a page or two on Beach Cooking, which will include this.
Former River Cottage chef Tim Maddams, in the magazine of the Western Morning News on Sunday this summer, 2014, said: “You can eat those crabs the kids are always catching.”
His recipe for Shore Crab Soup sums up as:
Kill the crabs and break them up a bit.
Roast them in a bit of oil with carrot, onion, tomato,garlic, fennel seeds, chilli, whatever.
Bung in some white wine and cook for a bit, then put in water to cover and a handful of rice.
Simmer for a couple of hours, strain into a clean pan and add mussels, clams, whatever, to open up in the stock.
Make a rouille with mayo, garlic, paprika, touch of ketchup, squeeze of lemon and a few anchovies.

And finally: “Stir in some rouile, serve with more rouille, plenty of strong grated cheddar and good bread.”
* Mr Maddams runs cookery courses, food consultancy and more, at

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