The Shed has a major Filofacts on House & Home under construction and has ordered the following to be filed under
In Telegraph 19.2.11, JT of Gloucestershire wrote:
The mastic sealant around my bath and shower needs replacing. I have taken most of it off, but whenever I try to apply some new mastic, it goes all over the place. I can’t achieve a smooth finish. Do you have any tips?
The Shed sympathised.
The Telegraph’s David Snell replied to JT:
I used to think that those who could use a mastic gun successfully, wiping it smooth with their finger, with no mess at all, must have a special sweat gland. Then a chap showed me how to do it.
Fill a mist spray gun with warm water and detergent. Working in one smooth action, with the nozzle cut at an angle, run a thin line of mastic along the edge of the bath. Spray down the line of mastic.
Wet your finger in the detergent mixture, then run it swiftly and smoothly, without stopping, down or along the line. Wipe the excess off on a cloth. The detergent will prevent the mastic sticking to your finger and it will also prevent it sticking to either side of the original line of mastic.
Try it on something you can throw away afterwards to perfect your technique.


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