SHEDNOTES 60: The smoking vote

The Shed movement takes in a few public-house smoking sheds, where the question about tobacco policy is not about pressing on to plain packaging and outdoor controls but whether there is any chance of turning the clock back a bit.
It may even be a small part of the popularity of UKIP that, never mind the immigrants, it it is the only party which claims it would try to give back to landlords some right to choose how they use their spaces.
Nobody seriously expects them to succeed but they get points for recognising there is life in the issue.
Being hard on drinking and smoking, especially together, because it is twice as enjoyable, is easy peasy politics and politicians cannot resist it. It does New Labour no good that nobody has forgotten it was the Blairite middle classes who outlawed the pint and the rollie as a traditional tea for the working class. But even the Tories and the supposedly Liberal democrats will not dream of undoing the deed and the Scottish Assembly has pointed the way to the future by bringing in a one-pint limit for drivers. You can defend it all you like but The Shed is pretty sure that did not happen as a result of clamour from Scottish voters.
Pending a government which has some idea when to butt out, The Shed would support one more interference in the tobacco market – a transfer of taxation from tobacco to filter tips. The worst damage smokers do to the environment and their neighbours is the sea of indestructible dog-ends they leave washing against every kerb and corner. Let them choose their own speed of death but tax the litter they leave behind is The Shed’s attitude.

morelater …

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