The Shed’s attitude to the housing problem is coloured by a lost dream of being banjo champion in a Tennessee trailer park.
Nowadays, we naturally like a bit of shed space, and a spare room, and support every man’s right to buy himself a bit of that one of these days.
But The Shed does still think it is a mistake for the housing policy debate to centre on dropping more hundred-year houses into a changing economy.
Another approach would be to make it easier to be poor by encouraging a supply of low-cost trailers for rent on a lease. London brownfield sites would make sense for an experimental run.
It would mean that bricks and mortar became less of a right and more of an aspiration but that would be healthy.
The government would have to make sure the planning conditions remained watertight against squatters’ rights; highways would be an issue, but no more than with flats; and somebody would have to plan and pay for a future-proofed temporary network of mains services. But there could be encouragement for new solutions such as local gas-producing digesters.
The Shed also has an opinion on MPs and their earnings and expenses. What about this? Whichever party they stood for, they should formally be employed by the local authorities concerned, which would set out the applicable terms and conditions before the election and would monitor any outside employment afterwards.
morelater …

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