SHEDNOTES 71: C words

The Lib Dems have lost points with The Shed by blocking a bill to allow terminally ill patients to opt into experiments with new treatments.
The bill was driven by Lord Maurice Saatchi, who lost his wife to cancer.
The Shed has previously blogged his comments on the experience …
The Week, 4.5.13, quoted from a Telegraph report of an interview with Maurice Saatchi about his campaign to improve cancer research in memory of his wife …
“Have you ever seen a chemotherapy room in a hospital? I hope you haven’t. It’s death row. What you have here is a situation where the woman is first tortured and then dies. Why? Because this is what is required by law. If doctors don’t stick to standard procedure, the consequences are that they could lose their livelihood, their reputation, and face ruin. So they are obliged to repeat a failed experiment over and over again.
“Everyone was trying their hardest. Nobody’s lazy; nobody’s incompetent. Everyone’s doing their absolute level best – but they are inhibited by the prospect of a trial if something goes wrong.”
See full report and reaction from Teleg readers at


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