SHEDNOTES 86: A Filofacts on Screw Sizes


screw sizes

When it comes to screw sizes, The Shed still tends to think in the old Imperial system, in which a 6-gauge screw was an extra-skinny one; an 8g was a good all-rounder; and a 10g was as fat as any DIY job was likely to need.

But ordering online has required a mental re-adjustment, with a huge creaking of gears, to thinking in millimetres, and the following reminder lists might be helpful to Shed readers …


3mm of shank diameter = old-fashioned 4 gauge

3.5 mm = 6g

4 mm = 8g

5 mm = 10g

6 mm = 12g


12 mm = ½ inch

16 mm = 5/8 inch

20 mm = ¾ inch

40 mm = 1 ½ inch

50 mm = 2 inch


morelater …

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