From Tavistock Times 12.2.15

* Replace key battery every two years, including in the spare. A replacement typically costs between £20 and £50 for a blank electronic remote with a blank transponder and a blank keyblade. Allow around £15-£20 to programme it and cut the blade – from a main dealer, typically £70-£1`50.

* In autumn, use a lubricating spray on the keyhole, such as a 3-in-1 oil or GT85 Teflon spray.

* If lock is frozen, hold a hot-water bottle over it and then use WD40 or GT85 to disperse the water.

* Use chalk dust on the door rubbers when oiling the locks.

PS from The Shed: We tried Googling for the difference in performance between WD40 and GT85 and there is not much, but GT85 is a newer formulation and some think it superior.


morelater …

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