SHEDNOTES 96: Why Farage gets Labour votes

The Shed has had enough of Nigel Farage, and suspects UKIP will regret its over-use of his limited charms when it comes to the vote, but he continues to score a point or two, as he did when interviewed by Rachel Cooke for Observer 29.3.15.

She reported …

What does he say to those whose experience has taught them to favour hard-working Polish builders over their British counterparts?

“Blair started this,” he shouts. “The metropolitan dialogue that says British builders are useless, lazy, fat and crooked.”

Jill Rooney of Ashtead, Surrey, wrote a letter published 5.4.15, accusing Rachel Cooke of repeating “that old chestnut about the superiority of Polish builders”.

She said:

As the wife of a retired builder, who worked longer hours, and harder, than anyone else I know, in order to buy a house and provide for his family, I object strongly to this persistent myth. It’s true that Polish builders are prepared to work for lower wages and it infuriates me that this should be welcomed. It exploits the immigrant workers, who are often single men forced to live in overcrowded conditions because of their low wages, and at the same time it drives wages down for British workers who often have mortgages, rent and family commitments. The only people who benefit from this are the employers.

My husband is now suffering from many disabilities caused, at least in part, by years of backbreaking work in all weathers. While there are obviously bad builders, as there are bad workers in all sectors including, let’s not forget, journalists, to be told he is lazy and work-shy literally adds insult to injury.

The Shed suspects there are a lot of builders who will not vote for New Labour because they associate it with the “metropolitan dialogue” to which Farage referred.

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