SHEDNOTES 104: Another lie they told us

The Shed’s admitted Guardian habit was rewarded by a great report by Ed Pilkington at
on the “dirty bomb” which is about to go off concerning men serving life sentences for murder and rape on the strength of what used to be known reverently as forensic science but is now exposed as “pseudo science”.
The FBI has had to admit that for decades, it has been getting convictions with the help of its own team of expert witnesses to claim they could link a stray hair to its owner with billion-to-one certainty. This is now clearly shown to be bollocks, like some fingerprint evidence and the early stages, at least, of DNA matching. But for decades we have nearly all been taken in by it.
In the case of fingerprints, we sold each other the myth for a hundred years that the boys in the government lab could do these magic tricks. And we believed it, didn’t we, thanks to Rover & Adventure, the Daily Mirror and The Times, even our good old local press, the BBC before it had Channel 4 to contend with, and so on.
The Shed’s thought for the day is that getting older means discovering you cannot even rely on your own version of history.

done til later …

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