SHEDNOTES 110: Notes from the smoking shed

According to somebody down the pub …

* There was this letter in the Telegraph about somebody’s mum making tea for a couple of social workers who were assessing her needs. When she put hot water into the pot to warm it and then threw it away, they gave each other a look and told the old lady’s daughter later that they saw it as a clear sign she was losing it.
* If you are a social worker, the worst thing about spending cuts is that they amount to privatisation by the back door. The job of looking after old ladies still has to be done but friends of the government are standing by to pick up a contract for it and cream a profit off the workers’ wages. That’s what “savings” mean.
* A lot of people remain unimpressed by the last round of privatisation. A mate of a mate fainted at the health centre in Colne and when she came round, asked if she could have a window open. She was told: “Sorry, no. The windows are operated by Blackburn.” Somebody says that’s nothing. He teaches at a school academy whose building and every stick of furniture is leased by an American company. Any window opening or changes to the heating is done from America.
* The problem with English cricket, and English football, is a shortage of academies for kids who are good at sport but are never going to get five GCSEs at the same time.

morelikethatlater …

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