SHEDNOTES 117: File under Quotes: On Shoes

Suzanne Moore:

“All I know is that I remember certain shoes much more than certain relationships.

The Shed got a glimpse into the meaning of shoes, for those who love em, by reading Suzanne Moore in the Guardian, commenting on the reports that somebody had been denied access to the red carpet at Cannes because of boring shoes.

She wrote:

“Shoes have always got me into trouble. At school I wore the wrong ones: lime-green plastic wedges were clearly not going to go down well. Letters had to be written home. I remember begging for white wet-look boots. I still long for what were basically huge slabs of black leather with a red slash which I strapped to my feet as a teenager. Or the Perspex block heels that cracked or those little gold cages found in a charity shop. These shoes were never the right shoes for a feminist to be wearing, apparently.

“Someone, somewhere had decided the rules and it wasn’t me. All I know is that I remember certain shoes much more than certain relationships. This is possibly why even the most faithful of women has shoes in her cupboard that she no longer wears and that she never will again. Old women may wear old-lady shoes but dreams of other lives are there in the bottom of their wardrobes.

“These dreams – pre-loved, indeed – are often strange treasure to the living and lined up in vintage shops: bejewelled mules, snakeskin slingbacks, peep-toed wedges. Dreams, you see, tend not to be very sensible. There are dream shoes and there are walking shoes.”


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