SHEDNOTES 141: An ancestor of Inside Out?

A lightbulb lit up over The Shed when reviews started coming in of the new Pixar film, Inside Out, starring animations of the emotions fighting for supremacy in a teenage girl’s head.

What was it we were reminded of? The Numskulls, in The Beezer, that was it: a team that worked inside a human body to deal with whatever came at it. The eye guys would get on the intercom to Brainy to report that the fool was looking at a monster portion of fish and chips; Brainy would phone down to the stomach to put everybody on standby; the mouth department would break out extra shovels; etcetera.

Googled it and it turns out a number of people have been reminded of the same thing and some have posted examples online.

The strip lived on, with some variations, in Beano and Dandy after Beezer closed down.

If you never saw it, worth checking out. And if you’re a features editor looking for an angle, there’s an easy one.

morelater …

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