SHEDNOTES 148: A good clogging for Andy from up north

The Shed enjoyed Michael Deacon taking the mickey out of Andy Burnham’s campaign for the Labour leadership in Teleg 29.8.15. Deacon started with Burnham’s claim to be “not a Westminster politician” and riffed off that …

Just who is this plucky outsider daring to take on the might of London’s parliamentary elite? Here are five amazing-but-true facts about him.

1)    Andy Burnham is from the north of England. “I’m from the north of England,” says Andy, 45. “I like football.”

2)  One of George Orwell’s most acclaimed books, The Road to Wigan Pier, is a biography of Andy Burnham.

3)  No fewer than all of the characters in Coronation Street are based on Andy Burnham. “Coronation Street is my favourite programme,” says Andy. “I like football.”

4) Andy Burnham developed his passion for social justice as a schoolboy, after he formed an unlikely friendship with a kestrel. “Me and Kes were right close,” says Andy. “I’m having chips for tea.”

5) Before Andy Burnham appeared at a rally in London last week he had never visited the capital. As a treat his advisers took him on a tour of its most famous sights, including Parliament and Big Ben. “London was really busy and there were lots of people everywhere rushing around in a hurry,” says Andy. “It was interesting to see all these things you normally only see on telly, but I was glad to get back home to the north of England. I like football.”

okaytooshay …

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