Natural Navigation, meaning without compass or iPad, is a vogue feature of the moment, thanks to Tristan Gooley, a professional hairy man, sadly lumbered with a satirist’s name for a twonk, who has written a series of books including, new on the market, The Walker’s Guide To Outdoor Clues & Signs.

The Shed wouldn’t mind blagging a copy, which is what this post is all about, but meanwhile has gleaned for the Filofacts …

* Lichen grows facing south.

* Stinging nettles are only found close to civilisation (or at least an old barn, we would venture).

* The red admiral butterfly is a sign of stinging nettles close by.

* Satellite dishes in Britain tend to face roughly south east.

* Ivy changes direction in an interesting way but it is too complicated to try and remember.

Let The Shed know when it has saved your life.

* The Filofacts is a Shed project in progress – a collection of survival notes designed to be printed off for steam-powered personal organisers.

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fornow …

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