SHEDNOTES 159: Dixie Bop to download

The Shed’s advice on building a rockabilly collection is, basically, start with Carl Perkins and stay with Carl Perkins until you’ve run out, then decide if you want more. But the Shed’s vinyl resource includes a slightly wider taster, dating from Sun Studios 1954-55, called Dixie Bop, which is now an exclusive offer, possibly, on this site, in free MP3 form, although both originals and many repro’s are still in circulation.

Every track helps define the new sound and demands further investigation of the performers.

Perkins dominates, thanks to Dixie Fried. Jerry Lee is a gathering storm. Sonny Burgess turns in three stormers but esp. Mr Blue. Harold Jenkins had the whole teenage hog-whimpering sound off to a T.

And worth listening again to how much Roy Orbison contributed to the rockabilly sound before he struck gold with those magnificent but rather corny big ballads.

Tracks below …

Dixie Fried: Carl Perkins (below)

All Mama’s Children: Carl Perkins (below)

Go Go Go: Roy Orbison (below)

End Of The Road: Jerry Lee Lewis (below)

Gimme Some Love: Harold Jenkins (below)

Do The Perkins Wiggle: Carl Perkins (below)

Mr Blue: Sonny Burgess (below)

Little Town Baby: Sonny Burgess (below)

Higher: Sonny Burgess (below)

Ooby Dooby: Roy Orbison (below)

thankyouverymuch …

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1 Response to SHEDNOTES 159: Dixie Bop to download

  1. hack4hire says:

    PS: Should have checked before posting and now must mention: Harold Jenkins was Conway Twitty.

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