In the original spirit of The Shed, we salute Elfreda Pownall and the Daily Telegraph gardening section of 7.11.15, preparatory to borrowing from the advice they got from a Belgian organic farmer, Marc Verhofstede, on producing good compost in double-quick time.

His method requires a fair bit of space, because it involves shifting open heaps around, and quite a lot of work, but it only takes 10-12 weeks, allegedly.

The steps are

1) Build a dome about three feet tall of alternating layers of brown and green in about equal quantities and cover it with reasonably sticky soil.

2) Turn the soil into the heap and re-form it and water it til it won’t take any more.

3) Cover with fleece or, if it is a Shed project, old carpet.

4) Uncover, turn again, water again, and cover again, at least three times in first week and then again in second week.

5) Do it all again at least twice in third week.

6) And at least once in week four.

7) Turn once a fortnight until finished.

* The Filofacts is a Shed project in progress – a collection of survival notes designed to be printed off for steam-powered personal organisers.

See more at https://hack4hire.wordpress.com/category/the-filofacts/

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