Real Shed project of the year in The Shed has been reviving old petrol lighters. This produced a diary of frustration with a 1920 Thorens Single Claw – reported at There is now a PS to this article. A friend took the lighter away for a while and returned it with a new Zippo wick inserted – still refusing to light. We discussed the purpose of the fine copper wire woven into a Zippo wick. It makes the wick more durable, for sure. But in terms of performance, the only advantage we have seen suggested is the conduction of heat down into the fuel store to improve the capillary action. But when you think about it, that can only apply when the wick is already lit. Up that point, we have come to believe, the wiring must inhibit the drawing and evaporation of fuel to some small extent. The more old lighters The Shed saw, the more it became clear that pre-Zippo they would have had plain cotton wicks. The Shed decided to try one more rebuild. This time, we got hold of some original Imco wicks. Imco is an Austrian make which set the standard for cheap, simple and reliable, before Zippo. They sold a billion. Our old Imco will run quite happily with a Zippo wick and Imco seems to have given up making its own. But there are some Imco wicks still around – six inches of 3mm cotton braid attached to a bit of steel wire to assist the threading. We got a dozen IMCO Wired Wicks for 9 US dollars including postage, from a home business in Colorado Springs –   For the Thorens, the wire threading guide was not a lot of help. It made it easy to go through the chimney cap but it was not long enough to push out through the filler hole at the bottom. Had to cut it off and use a bent paperclip to hook the bottom of the wick itself, so it could be held in place while we repacked around it with cotton wool. But the result was spectacular, at least for a while. Bang, bang, bang – the lighter performed beautifully. Much better than it did before, with a similar-looking cotton braid from a lamp wick supplier in the UK. Possibly the Imco is treated in some way. Possibly it is just optimum diameter. It burns away much more quickly than Zippo wick. You have to keep pulling it up and trimming it. However, it will be a while before we try anything else in this machine at least. The breakthrough happened around the end of this summer’s heatwave and The Clawed Lovely has gone a bit surly again since. She will light but she will not light always. A bit of TLC is required for a start. The ticket pocket in a pair of Levis is not actually a ticket pocket, we have come to realise. It is a lighter pocket, for keeping your machine with you and primed to body heat. We might try an ultrasonic clean, especially of the spark wheel, to see if it makes the machine more consistent. More later. Meanwhile,  all our  lighters are currently running on lawnmower petrol – £5 a litre compared to £2 for 100 mills of lighter fluid. However, Newport fluid, made in the UK, is still our choice for best performance.
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