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first of the filofacts series – should fit your personal organiser

             MOTORS – JUMP STARTING check reds are + and blacks are – connect dead battery pos to live pos connect live battery neg to dead engine block or, if not, to dead neg check interior light in dead car … Continue reading

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understanding dogs

   Why does a dog frown just like a scolded child when it feels down and wag so very obviously when it its spirits are  up, while a cat is so inscrutable? Come to that, why are most dogs so … Continue reading

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opinion – working for knocker

When I was thirteen, I went to work for Knocker Drewe. He was Mr Drewe to almost everybody to his face, Knocker behind his long lean back, which could still take a quarter of a cow in or out of … Continue reading

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opinion – stop worshipping the chancers

New Year, 2013 One of the pleasures of Christmas telly was a catch-up on The Hotel – the Grosvenor of Torquay, whose struggles for survival have made reality tv for connoisseurs for some time now. Another series is in the … Continue reading

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christmas songs

Katherine Jenkins made a reasonable stab at Santa Baby in the guest spot of the semi-finals of Strictly Come Dancing (2012) and reminded us there are decent Christmas songs which have not been done to death. Like nearly everybody who … Continue reading

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  Where There’s Muck …   Airedale might sound bucolic but the low end of it is a roll call of old Yorkshire centres of smoke and grime –  Keighley, Bradford, Leeds – and the shape and angle of the … Continue reading

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The Rolling Good Ol Boys

Fifty years since the Stones got together, so 48 since I heard Little Red Rooster playing on a Dansette at the Congregational Church youth club and came out learning to strut. According to Wikipedia, it remains the only blues song … Continue reading

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Best Of Old Crows

One of the beauties of an MP3 deck, playing everything you have loaded for years back to you at random, is the way it nudges you into constant reassessment. Time after time for several years now, the question Hey, Who’s … Continue reading

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What did Elvis do in the Big Easy?

Elvis’s Forgotten Classic Somewhere it is written that I must go to my grave attempting to turn all my vinyl into MP3 tracks and this week’s instalment of the job was a four-album RCA collection called Elvis: A Legendary Performer. … Continue reading

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talking tackle 3

Tim Burgess, 45, cold store manager, is chairman of the Humber Cruising Association Fishing Club … “This time of year (Jan/Feb), it’s all about cod, which you get to a surprising size upriver as far as Paull, with smaller ones … Continue reading

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